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McDonnell International Scholars Academy

International Symposium on Energy and Environment
May 5 - 7, 2007


The goals of the International Symposium on Energy and Environment are to:
  • identify specific areas of research and education of global importance in energy and environment;
  • communicate areas of strength at each partner university; and
  • develop ideas for future collaboration that builds on the synergies at each university.
In addition, opportunities to develop joint proposals and seek funding to promote multilateral collaborations will be explored.


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A brief synopsis follows:

The meeting will start with a keynote address by Hon. Thomas Pickering, former Ambassador to the UN, India and Russia. He will speak on "Iran and the Future of Global Energy Supplies".

The first day (May 5) of the event will include presentations and panel discussions by the Presidents from most of the 20 partner schools of the McDonnell Academy.  They will address the important issues that each of their universities is addressing related to energy and the environment. Additional keynote speakers will include Hugh Grant, CEO of Monsanto and Ralph Cicerone, President of the US National Academy of Sciences.

The second and third days will include Working Group Meetings. It will start with a keynote lecture on sustainability in urban areas by Professor John C. Crittenden, Arizona State University.

The first session will be in a panel mode and focused on "Environmental Education." Key speakers will present ideas on collaborative approaches to environmental education. One proposal is to develop an "open courseware" type concept for energy and environmental education that will create a format for developing course content for a variety of topical areas. Approaches to co-teach and offer specialized lectures will be explored. Participants have been requested to enterthe list of courses offered in the energy and environmental area that are taught at their respective institutions. A novel paradigm that will promote discussion and development of course content and curricula will be established. For details please click: Environmental Education.

The other sessions will include smaller breakout groups followed by a general assembly of all attendees to summarize findings. The breakout groups will be arranged in selected areas reflecting the expertise of the attendees:

        Aerosol Science and Engineering, Air Quality & Health
        Water Resources and Aqueous Processes
        Energy and the Environment

Invitees from the McDonnell Partner University with expertise in the specific area of the breakout group will present their views on:
    (a) cutting edge areas of research and education;
    (b) areas of expertise in their own University; and
    (c) ideas for collaboration among the various schools.

Each breakout group will summarize its findings to the entire audience in the sessions that follow.


Invited attendees include faculty members from the 20 partner schools of the McDonnell International Academy. In addition, representatives from a few foundations, government agencies and other organizations that support collaborative research and education will be in attendance and participate in the discussions.



Environmental Education Website:  http://www.eeed.wustl.edu

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